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Mike Frost co-founder of the IADA-CC has headed the Ethics department for the past five years. Any paid Dealer or Collector of the IADA-CC may issue a ethics complaint that will be acted on by the IADA-CC.We will also except complaint about Non members and will try to act on those issues as well.

We had found the answer to the age old problem years ago, screen the dealers you allow to be members of the club. Admit only the finest in the world and the problem took care of itself. To date, we still have no complaints. However, to keep in touch with reality in the autograph marketplace, the IADA-CC opened the International Autograph Sellers Information Services, It is requested that anyone who files a complaint against anyone in this industry send a copy of their complaint to the IADA-CC .

All IADA-CC members must agree not to knowingly purchase or sell any autographs that in any way are questionable or have been enhanced. Dealers are 100% responsible for the authentication and providence of all material sold. Dealers must supply a receipt with name of company, address and telephone number and term of sale and refund policy.

All IADA members will abide by all federal, state and local laws related to autograph material.

IADA-CC members neither buy nor sell autograph items of which the ownership is in doubt and will promptly report to the proper law enforcement agencies information on suspected stolen material.

The IADA-CC in no way tolerate knowingly false and or frivolous charges being brought against one of its members. Action could result in sanctions against the complainant if the board finds proof of this type of actions...

An IADA member agrees to act professionally at all times.We most have trust and respect between autograph dealers and the public by conducting his or her business with honesty, fairness and integrity. Members will exercise courtesy and professionalism in dealing with each other and the public.

Transactions between members are to be conducted with 100% accordance with the Code of Ethics of the IADA-CC. Members on both sides of a disputed transaction brought before the Ethics Board are required to abide by the IADA-CC decision.

The sanctioned party shall have the right to appeal an Ethics Board decision to the IADA-CC Executive Board.

The IADA-CC will now maintain an "Office of Ethics." Any member of the IADA-CC, who has a complaint against any of our members should send the complaint information in writing to::

Bobby Amato
11435 Lakeshore Drive
Hollywood , Florida 33026
or email all information to:



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