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IADA-CC is one of the most unique and progressive autograph networking sites in existence today. IADA-CC's primary purpose is to provide collectors a source of elite and professional dealers with whom they can feel comfortable building relationships. We are one the largest groups dedicated exclusively to autographs and autograph collecting. Our goals are to offer our members and collectors in the autograph community only the finest material from the most respected dealers in the industry. The site will inform, teach and build a foundation in which the hobbyist will succeed in the autograph industry. Whether you buy, sell, trade or just love to learn about this amazing hobby, the IADA-CC will give you the ability to meet the most prestigious dealers and the finest collectors. We welcome you to build your business, obtain knowledge, socialize with like minded people, create new relationships or earn income while you learn about the autograph industry. Begin the journey of endless opportunities by joining the IADA-CC network.

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The new website and new dealer directory
Stephen Koschal embezzles $40,000+ From the Autograph Club and Members
Here is the prooff that has been turned over to the I.R.S.
Was Steve Koschal wanting to be a Homosexual wife to Frost?
Koschal was in love with Frost & always wanted to please him.
Stephen Koschal is now linked to the Florida Mickey Mantle Forgery Crew
Hiding with a man or women by the name of PAT?

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